Recruit To A Defined Timeline

It is essential that once your business has decieded that it needs to recruit that you define a timeline to work to so that everyone with your organisation together with those that you are going to be considering all know what to expect and by when.

WIth our extensive experience we know that candidates get frustrated when the recruitment process is too drawn out and can result in seed of doubt being sown in thier perception of your business and as many candidates are looking at multiple potential employers then those companies that act fast will often stand the best chance of securing the best talent.

To avoid this talk to your hiring team and set out a series of dates that you will all be avilable to attend all interview stages.

  • Define a full job description with details of all the duties & tasks you expect the employee to undertake.
  • Define the level of qualification & experience you expect the candidate to have.
  • Identify the personnel that will be required to undertake the candidate interviews at all interview stages. If this means that all hires have to be seen by the company chairman and they are only in every other Thursday, then make everyone aware of this and work you process around it to minimise dead time.
  • Define a series of dates that the hiring team will be available for all the interview stages. This will make the process run smoother as you will be able to give candidates know dates for each stage of the process which looks extremely professional.
  • At the end of each recruitment stage identify thos that you wish to proceed forward and check with your hiring team that they have availa
  • Once the offer has been made get the offer paperwork in the post straight away. failure can do this can make your business look unprofessional and could effect the candidates final decision should they be fortunate to have multiple offers to consider.
  • Keep in contact with the candidate. This shows that you are keen and develops a good bond to your business.

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