Probe secure new jobs for hundreds of people every year. We have the expertise to advise you in all areas of your job search, whether you're starting a job, leaving a job or thinking about your next step along your career path. Whatever you are looking for we are here & willing to help so we hope you will find some useful information in this section that helps you get the job you are looking for and succeed in building a better future for yourself.

Career planning is an important part of everyone's life and is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many reasons why people look for new jobs - salary, unrest, difficult staff members, lack of progression, environment, etc. Whatever the reason for changing your career take time to research your reasons and ensure that your actions are in line with your long term objectives.

In order to evaluate where you want to be, you must first determine your long term goals. What do you want out of you career move? financial reward, progression, enhanced education plans, better working environment? All of these things, and more, should be considered carefully before making any decision to send your CV to an employer. The more you know about where you want to be and how you plan to get there, the easier it will be to achieve those goals. These will all have an impact on your CV, interviews and potential employers suitability.

Below you will find some tips and advice to assist you on the recruitment road ahead, which will hopefully give you an advantage in securing your career goals.

We wish you every success in your search and the future and should you ever be in a position that you are looking to move, then we hope that you will contact us to assist you. Happy Job Hunting


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