Psychometric Test

What is the point of a Psychometric Test?

Psychometric assessments are applications for scientific psychological practice and methodology for practical business purposes. The object of each assessment is to assess your abilities, aptitude, personality traits and attitude.

Points to Remember

Test results are used only as part of the selection process, not in isolation. They are an additional source of information rather than the sole criteria on which a decision is made. Other elements in the selection process, such as interviews, CV's, and examples of your work also play their part - these tests supplement information gained from other sources.

Psychometric assessment benefits both those giving them and those taking them.

For employers they allow meaningful and objective comparison between candidates, on relevant competencies employers can make sure that different backgrounds or experience do not improperly influence the selection process.

This is also a reassurance for candidates who may be concerned about the possibilities of unfair discrimination. The information that assessments provide is quantifiable and one can be sure that when comparing candidates one is comparing like with like.

Personality is an important element to be assessed yet one of the hardest to judge - at an interview, candidates will usually (and quite naturally) attempt to present the image they think the employer wants to see.

How best prepare for a test:

Make sure you have a good night's sleep! It may sound obvious, but candidates tend to under perform if they are tired or hung over.

Don't worry! The tests used should be appropriate for the job for which you are applying. You will almost always have practice questions first, which calm the nerves and will reassure you that you are working on the right lines.

How to Score Optimally:

  • Listen carefully to instructions if you don't you could complete the test in the wrong way and invalidate your results. Don't be afraid to ask if not clear! You have to be sure you understand the instructions before you begin the test.
  • Work quickly most psychometric measures are designed to be testing in terms of time, and you will usually be awarded marks for each correct question. Keep track of time. If you are taking a 60-question test in half an hour, don't spend five minutes on the first question! Don't get stuck on one question move on, remembering to leave a gap on your answer sheet.




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